Mobile App Technologies

iOS, Android, Mobile Web & Hybrid Apps


iOS Applications

Our Los Angeles based iPhone engineers develop great custom iOS Applications. Our professional mobile developers have extensive experience with Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch and XCode. Our apps have been featured by Apple’s App Store nearly 10 times, and one app was even included in a national Apple television ad for the iPhone.

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development

Android Applications

Our Android engineers are awesome! They have extensive and diverse backgrounds in web and mobile from across the Los Angeles area. They love to build new and unique mobile applications, but they are also experts at porting existing iOS or web apps into truly native Android applications.

  • Android App Development for Phones
  • Android App Development for Tablets

Mobile Web HTML5 Apps

Having strong backgrounds in web development, our Los Angeles based mobile engineers have been pushing the envelope for what’s possible with HTML5 apps. Sometimes clients don’t need or want to go through an app store or marketplace, and that’s where our mobile web app services provide the answer.

  • HTML5 Development
  • CSS3 Development
  • JavaScript & jQuery Development

RESTful Web Services for Mobile Apps

We also build the server side systems required to run your apps. We architect RESTful web services that are designed for reuse so that when you want to build another app or port to a different platform the server side infrastructure is already done.

  • Amazon AWS, Firebase
  • Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java Development
  • mySQL, PostgreSQL, Database Architecture